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I am a Secondary Mathematics teacher at Nayland College (Nelson, New Zealand) who embraces the use of technology in the classroom. I have used interactive whiteboard technology but now favour a tablet laptop combined with a data projector, as well as overhead projectors, whiteboard, textbook, and worksheets.

This web site started as my own teaching web site but has expanded to become the Nayland College maths web site, accessible by all as way for resource sharing for all.

Working together, sharing free resources between teachers and students. Download resources, use, modify, improve and share. Resources will soon be licence under Creative Commons Copyright. Contribute of some resources of your own, make suggestions, corrections, additions. Shared resources will be added to the site and your contribution acknowledged.

The more we share, the more resources there will be for all.

Any resources, comments, suggestions, improvements, broken links etc please email me at

Progress report, &
* sections that have been updated (realigned)

Max Riley
Mathematics teacher
Web site Development

Number | Measurement | Algebra |Statistics | Probability | Geometry

Level 1
1.1 Number**
1.2 Algebra Methods*
1.3 Graphs/Relatnship*
1.4 Algebra Applications
1.5 Measurement
1.6 Geometric Reasons
1.7 Triangles
1.8 Geometric Repres
1.9 Transformations
1.10 Multivariate Data
1.11 Bivariate Data
1.12 Chance & Data**
1.13 Probability

Level 2
2.1 Coordinates
2.2 Graphs
2.3 Sequences & Series
2.4 Trig Relationships
2.5 Networks*
2.6 Algebra*
2.7 Calculus *
2.8 Questionnaires
2.9 Inference
2.10 Experiments
2.11 Evaluate Reports
2.12 Probability Methods*
2.13 Simulations
2.14 Systems of Eqns

Level 3 Statistics
3.2 Linear Programming**
3.8 Time Series**
3.9 Bivariate Data**
3.10 Inference **
3.11 Experiments
3.12 Evaluate Reports
3.13 Probability**
3.14 Distributions**

Level 3 Maths
3.2 Linear Programming**
3.15 Simultaneous Eqns**




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