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Maths Playground Games


Smart glasses (Thank you to Carly Walters and the LEGEND students at Amorita Charter School)

Cracking the Code: Mind Sharpening Exercises, Games, Activities and More (Thanks to Marylyn Brooks)

Lots of cool playing card games (Thank you to Lindsay Loomis for this link. Look forward to more great links from you Lindsay. Keep it up.) Bezique | Bridge | Canasta | Cribbage | History of Poker | Crazy Eights | Euchre | Gin Rummy, or Knock Rummy | Rules of Three Card Tonk | Guide to the Playing Card and Game Collection | Napoleon | Old Maid | The Name of the Game: Piquet | Whist and Duplicate Whist | President or Scum | Elizabethan card games | The International Playing Card Society | Hearts and other card games | Fan Tan, also called Sevens or Parliament | Kids’ Favorite Card Games | Cardboard Cognition | Games People Play | Card games boost mental health | The World of Playing Cards | The History of Playing Cards | The Playing Card’s Progress: A Brief History of Cards and Card Games | Go Fish Rules | DesCartes | Magic: The Gathering | Pinochle | Primero


Lots of percentages games | (

Battleships  | More games

Optical Illusions (

Great puzzle Fido (

Fraction/ decimal games Quia maths jepordy | Maths goodies game | N-Rich Mix and match | Sheppard Software fractions game | mathplayground game: Decention


Heaps of maths games...Class

and links to

Practice your math skills with these fun and challenging games. There are action games, puzzles, and other learning activities. Concepts include basic math operations, algebra, percent, geometry, and money.

'Fun brain games' & 'Fun games Arcade' mainly number stuff
'A+ Maths Games' 
Maths A+ Bingo Games: Addition | Multiplication | Division | Algebra blaster |
Maths A+ Flashcards: Addition | Subtraction | Multiplication | Division | Square Roots | Rounding | Analog Clock Flashcard Creator - Create sets of flashcards for printing.
Custom Flashcards - Create custom flashcards for printing
playing card images
Number Algebra      
Maths bingo        

These are links to 'Maths is fun' website:

Play These Games

Also check out Games 2, Games 3 and Games 4

Take some time out from maths. Click on any of the games below to play. (Note: you will need a javascript compatible browser).

The games may take a little time to load on a slow internet connection, but once loaded you can also play them off-line!


Connect 4 ! Drives you crazy.  Play  Connect 4 - Can you beat it!
Chess - the most challenging game of all  Play  Checkers Game
Checkers - practice here, then obliterate your friends  Play  Checkers Game
Which day of the week were you born on?  Play  which day of the week were you born on - click to find out
Towers of Hanoi - puzzle of the ages  Play  Tower of Hanoi Game
Tower of Hanoi Solver - let the computer show you how to solve it.  Play  Tower of Hanoi Solver
Classic Breakout - keep your eye on the ball  Play  Breakout Game
Classic Invaders - save the planet  Play  Space Invaders Game
Memory Game Concentration - Match pairs of shapes together.   Play  Play Flippa Memory Game
Flippa Memory Game - A memory game - but you have to match 3 symbols not just a pair.   Play  Play Flippa Memory Game

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