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Access useful mathematical resources and links.

Many pages have mouse-over examples, Word-doc's, Power Points, Excel spreadsheets (allow macros) and revision images

Some topics are still under construction but there are many useful resources for your learning.

Progress on this site is ongoing and any suggestions, improvements, alterations and changes would be appreciated.

Study Tips | Games

Careers & Study (go here first) based)
Future in Tech(Excellent NZ site)
We Use Maths (USA)
Maths Careers AU(Australia)
Maths first at Massey

Study it
Revision World (UK revision)
NZQA University Entrance Requirements (Changing for 2014)

Why? How? What to Study?

Make a study plan Study Planner (EAS publications). Add in your NCEA exam dates and times  (NZQA exam timetable) and work backwards to plan your study times each day.


School maths games
Maths Live
Sumdog maths games
Stats lovers blog on stats cartoons
Maths comics

thanks to Erin Kole: maximize_the_volume_of_a_box.htm

Bradley University Problem of the Week
Hamline University Problem of the Month
Calculus Help Problem of the Week
Ken's Puzzle links
Macalester College Problem of the Week
MathMagic Puzzle of the Month
Mihailovs's Problem of the Week - Sheperd College
Purdue Problem of the Week
Southwest Missouri State University's Challenge Problem Page
Trent University Problem of the Week

mathproblems from St. Francis Xavier University
nzmaths links

maths and Aragami

Maths Interest

Vi Hart ViHarts Youtube Chanel About VhVh
Numberphile About
What if?

The Futures Channel
Maths Reach
Stats Chat
On this day in math...
A Number a Day

Maths Plus magazine

Folding FUN | | Hexaflexagons |

Maths tricks

Index of Greek Mathematicians
The MacTutor History of Mathematics archive

History of Mathematics by Region
Women Mathematicians
Earliest Known Uses of Mathematical Words
Egyptian Maths

Min and max
Maths Dictionary
Collaborative Projects
Fun Fun Fun
Teaching Time
Eric Weisstein's World
Maths for Morons
Revision Bites
Plus Maths
Mega Maths
Maths Adventures
Careers( UK)
Online calculators
maths open ref

Problem solving
Art of Problem Solving
Maths Adventures
Math Stories
Explore Higher Maths
Brain Teasers
Medieval Problem-Solving

Fun with Numbers
Number Patterns & more
History of Pi
Numeracy Lessons
Prime Numbers
BBC numeracy games
Other BBC Games
Standard Form Resource
nzmaths links

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Maths Learning

Kahn Academy Videon, explanations and practice
Hippocampus On line videos and explanations
N Rich maths Investigations

Just Math Video Tutorials
Knowmia video Tutorials
Mathispower4u video tutorials
Common Maths Mistakes
Five Triangles NZ investigations blog

Maths with bad drawings
Yummy Maths

e-ako.nzmaths free basic facts practice
Interactive tutorials,
CIMT on line revision | Topics page

Practice, Explanations, Worksheets:
Mahobe maths centre
'AAA maths' ''
Maths Question Practice
Regents Maths Level1,2 | Level 2,3
BBC Skillwise
BBC Bite size maths
BBC Maths Learning Resources
BBC Maths for secondary Students
Problem Solving Further maths with practice material

Countdown Timer

Inquire Maths (UK enquire learning)
Wolfram Demonstrations Project

TranSum Software
TES teaching resources, subscribe

Literacy in Maths wikispace
NQZA Numeracy resources
Best evidence Syntheses

after school care (Excellent links)

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Maths and Stats ICT Community
Stephen McConnachie
Maths & Stats ICT Community, BYOD,
E-learning (2013 Conference Forum)

Virtual Learnig Network
VLN Primary Maths
E School News
VLN BYOD Community

interactive simulations

An on line meeting space / forum / feedbackStudent Response System from tablets and cellphonesStudent Response System

Link to iNZight site
iNZight tips and tricks page

Digital Literacy & Citizenship Curriculum

Dan Meyer's Blog & Videos 
Web2.0 calculator
Outstanding graphing website

Richard Byrne's blog Free technology for Teachers

Socrative users guide (link to pdf) Socrative Facebook page Socrative youtube channel

Useful freeware

Graph 4.3
(Excellent 2D graphing freeware)

Gadwin Print Screen

Graph Calc
(Excellent 3D graphing freeware)

Survey monkey for on line class surveys

Concept maps

Always Sync for synchronising files

Rocket doc for a neat toolbar

Awesome MUST have freeware

  Freeware from Snapfiles
Evernote for keeping track or web resources
Gapminder graphing software
Great free 2D & 3D grapher
Debut Video Capture Software (free)
Record video from a webcam, recording device or screen - with very little lag time