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Collecting Data

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Collecting Data

Collect data ensuring that TWO values are collected from each data item.

Be aware of collection bias and errors. Is the sample representative of the population?

Collecting data Class notes, Blank notes  


“I wonder if there is a relationship between the reaction time (sec's) and the current cell phone age (months) for students in year 11 at Nayland College” (maybe texting will lead to better reflex speed)

What data would be useful to help answer this problem? 

Is there a web site to find this data or do we collect our own?

Web sites: Census at School, or the Gamma maths data sets from

1) Go to the Census at school Web site

2) Go to the variables section and look through the possible variables and select two appropriate variables eg reaction time (sec's) and cellmonths = current cell phone age (months)

3) Go to the ‘Data’ section and select ‘data bases and tools 2003-10’ Select appropriate groups / years eg 2009 and Random Sampler

4) Select sample size and appropriate groups…

5) Select EXCEL for downloading the data

This will download a whole data table. Copy out required columns for more analysis (Data cleaning Will be needed!)



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