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Probability Tables

2.12 Probability HOME | Objectives | Probability Review | Probability tables | Two Way Tables | Risk & Relative Risk | Tree Diagrams | Conditional Prob | Distributions | Actual vs Normal | Normal Distribution | Inverse Normal | Revision



Introducing probability tables. A comparison of Discrete Random Variables and Continuous Random Variables.

Finding probabilities from a table,

Introduction of the Expected Value, and how to calculate it.

Expected Number from a group = probability x Number in group


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Basic Probability
Theta (new & old & workbook) Ex 22.01
NuLake EAS p122, 123

Expected value
Theta (old) Ex 22.07
Theta (new & workbook) Ex 23.04
NuLake EAS p130



Random Experiment, Trial, Outcome, Sample Space, Event, Equally Likely Outcomes, Random Variable, Continuous, Discrete, Experimental Probability, Long run relative frequency, Theoretical Probability, True Probability, Probability Laws, Complement, Probability distribution, Two-Way Tables.

Answers to problems can be expressed as 'proportions' or 'percentages' or 'probabilities' or 'relative frequencies'

Remember to READ the question carefully

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