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Inverse Normal

2.12 Probability HOME | Objectives | Probability Review | Probability tables | Two Way Tables | Risk & Relative Risk | Tree Diagrams | Conditional Prob | Distributions | Actual vs Normal | Normal Distribution | Inverse Normal | Revision


Inverse Normal Distribution

Working back from a known probability to find 'x'

Looking up probabilities in the normal distribution tables to find 'z'

Using 'z' and the mean and standard deviation to find 'x'

Solving inverse normal distribution problems to calculate an 'x' value.
Calculating the mean or standard deviation when given a probability.

Class notes | Blank notes

Theta (new & old & workbook) Ex24.09 and Ex24.10


Mixed Normal Distribution Problems

Practice, practice, practice

Normal Distribution Starters

Worked Examples

Theta (new & old & workbook) Ex24.11


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