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2.14 Systems of Equations AS91269

2.14 Systems Equations HOME | Achievement Criteria |

Under review

For Teachers

* Be familiar with the Achievement Standard AS2.14 91269 (link to NZQA)

* Check the latest information on the NZQA clarifications page as things change all the time, and the exemplars in NZQA may be out of date (as they are in this standard)

* Look over the NZQA Exemplars on AS 2.14 Systems of Equations AS2.14 A & AS3.8 B Note: these exemplars may not reflect the latest clarification information.

* Material available on the mathstatsfacilitators web site AS2.14 page

* Check the latest comments on the NZmaths forum (login required)

* Any further ideas / suggestions / resources/ comments / errors. Please email

* AS 2.14 section on Nayland Web site updated: Sep 2013


AS3.9 (91581) Carry out investigations of phenomena, using the statistical enquiry cycle:

Possible Lesson Sequence for AS2.14 Systems of Equations (AS 91269)

1. Introduction & Overview - What is Systems of Equatioions all about? (Achievement Objectives)

Other Useful Links for AS2.14 Systems of Equations (AS 91269)



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