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A Kite?

Use coordinate geometry to prove ABDC is a kite with one 90 corner A(-2,4) B(1,3) D(1-2) C(-3,1)

1) Plot points

2) Side lengths?
Are there two pairs of sides equal length?
Are the side pairs not opposite each other?

3) Gradients
Is there only one perpendicular

Are the diagonals of the kite perpendicular?

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Exam Questions often involve the mediator, median or altitude of triangles

Mediator (perpendicular Bisector)

1) Find Gradient of AB
2) Find Perpendicular gradient
3) Find Midpoint of AB
4) Use the midpoint coordinates to find the Mediator Equation

1) Find Gradient of AB
2) Find Perpendicular gradient
3) Use coordiantes of C to find Altitude Equation
(to find length of altitude find the equation of AB & the altitude and solve simultaneously to find coordinates of intersection)

1) Find Midpoint of AB
2) Use coordiantes of C to find Median Equation


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