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Basic Trig Equations

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Trig Equations - 1 step problems

Solving basic trig equations such as Sin(x) = 0.6
Finding all solutions between 0 and 360 degrees using the features and symmetry of the graph.
Using the unit circle to find all solutions (Positive regions: All, Sin, Tan, Cos)

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Ex 34.02

1 step problems


basic trig equations

Quadrants in degrees


Solving Trig Equations by Rearranging

Rearranging equations into the form Sin(x) = before using the graph and unit circle method to solve the equation.
Solving 2 Step problems

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Ex 34.05 & Ex 34.06

2 step problems


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Sin trig equations

Waldo Maths java applet demonstrations Trig Equations

Trig graphs are periodic repeating cycles) so multiple solutions are possible.
Find all the solutions between x = 0 and 360

What would the next solutions above 360 be?

Mouse-over "solutions" to see the graph change

x = Sin-1(0.7)
180 - x = 

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Cos trig equations

Find the first solution by the same method. The Cos graph shape means we take the first solution off 360 for the 2nd solution.


What would the next solutions above 360 be?

Mouse-over "solutions" to see the graph change

x = Cos-1(-0.3)
360 - x = 


1 step problems


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