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Trig Models

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Match the function to a practical situation. Form an equation for a practical situation.

Solve multistep problems in a practical context.

Remember to define the Domain if you write the equation for part of a trig graph.

Class Notes | Blank Notes

Ex 35.01 Graph Problems
Ex 35.07 Application Problems

Multi step problems

p158 & p156

Application Problems

Applications and the bicycle animation



Multistep Problems in a practical context

Solving application problems

Powerpoint application problems:
Merit problems: PumpPiston | Swing
Web versions of the Merit problems Pump | Piston | Swing

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Ex 35.07 Application Problems (cont)


Link to pendulum website Note the site only shows animations for a set time. Refresh the page and reopen them.



Revision sheet on application problems with worked solutions.

Mixed assignments & revision grouped into Achieve, Merit, Excellence with solutions (to come)

Excellence problems: Pump | Piston | Swing
Web versions of the Excellence problems Pump | Piston | Swing

Revision tests and worked answers


Test revision pg 502



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