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Achievement Objectives

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Solve straightforward problems involving sequences.

Assessment will be based on problems which may require a selection from the following:

        find general terms of an arithmetic sequence

        find general terms of a geometric sequence

        find partial sums of an arithmetic sequence

        find partial sums of a geometric sequence

        find sum to infinity of a geometric sequence

        use S notation

        use recursive formulae.

Straightforward problems will involve recognising the type of sequence, selecting the method, and solving problems where a and d or r are easily identified.



Solve problems involving sequences.

Problems could require some manipulation to find a, d or r.

Applications may include: radio-active decay,
% increase/decrease, such as compound interest
results of an experiment which form a sequence, eg pendulum.



Explore situations and interpret the results of problems involving sequences.

Situations and interpretations could include:

discussing long-term effects, comparing sequences.

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