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Indices & Exponents

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Simplification and manipulation involving indices with square roots, cube roots, fractional powers.

Indices (

Class notes, Blank notes

Ex8.01, Ex8.02, Ex8.03

Theta pg 31

NuLake EAS Q105 - 131


More Indices

Fractional & negative indices, swapping from surd form to index form


Class notes, Blank notes

Ex8.04, Ex8.05

Theta pg 32 & 33

NuLake EAS Q132 - 141


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Negative indices

Indices are the powers on variables or numbers

A negative index:

change to a positive

A positive index:

change to a negative

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Fractional Indices

The top of the index fraction is the power
The bottom of the index power is the root.

Fractional index

in surd form

Mixed Fractional index

in surd form

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Fractional Negative Indices

The negative index means '1 over'

Example 1.

In surd form

Example 2.

In surd form

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