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2.3 Calculus Achievement Objectives

Calculus HOME | Achievement Objectives | Gradient | Gradient Functions | Differentiation | Gradient at a point | Find point with gradient | Equation of Tangent | Second Derivitive | Coordinates of Max & Min | Increasing, Decreasing Functions | Applications | Kinematics with differentiation | Antidifferentiation | Finding 'C' | Kinematics with anti-differentiation | Rates of Change | Mixed Problems | Revision


Achieve Skills

Find the gradient if a function at a given ‘x’ value
Sketch the gradient function
Given the derivative f’(x) and a point (x,y), find the original function f(x)


Merit Skills

Find the equation of the tangent line
Find a point on a curve when given a gradient
Find the coordinates of the turning points on a graph
Find the rate of change of a function at a given time
Find the maximum / minimum values of a given function
Kinematics problems – finding speed from a distance function
Find the function f(x) when given f’(x)  and a ‘y’ intercept

Excellence Skills

Optimising applications – using calculus to find maximum areas
Use the second derivative to determine the nature of turning points
Identify the ‘x’ values where a function is increasing or decreasing
Kinematics problems – finding distance from a speed function

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