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Sketching a Gradient Function

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Sketching a Gradient Function

Given a graph of a function, sketch a graph of the 'gradient' function.

Key Concepts: Gradient zero at stationary point ( Maximum or Minimum,

Where a function is increasing, decreasing, stationary

Excellent interactive sketching gradient functions

Demo of Gradient Function (enable macros)

Introduction to differentiation and motion graphs link to

Calculus surfer - Thanks to Evelyn Knight for sourcing the link (
Note: you need to remember to use * for anything multiplied, e.g. y = x*(x+1)*(x+2).
Turn on the 'trace' to see the gradient function

Class Notes | Blank Notes


Nulake AIS p68, 69, 72, 73

Thanks to Evelyn Knights (Aquinas College) for these great resources:

- Drawing the original fn given the gradient.pdf

- Gradient Fn Worksheet and Answers.pdf

Graph of gradient site

Excel Demo of Gradient Function (enable macros)

Steady free fall link to nrich

Excellent interactive sketching gradient functions

Some good derivative links: Differentiation puzzles matching the graph and the derivative function

Matching gradient at different points on a graph: Guru maths site

Gradient of a line segment







What is the gradient at different points on the graphs?

Gradient Function


Mouse over the graphs

Class Notes | Blank Notes screen shots:


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