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Simple Differentiation

How can we find an equation to calculate the gradient of a curve at any given point? Differentiate.

Differentiation using limit as h --> 0 then simple differentiation.

Demonstration of differentiation & graphs (Contains macros)

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Ex14.02, 14.03

Nulake AIS p79, 80, 81


Gradient of a parabola
Gradient of a cubic


Differentiation practice

Differentiation practice and finding the derivative of fractional & negative powers

Power point: Basic Differentiation


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Ex14.04, 14.05


Free maths help web site





The derivative is a rule which tells us the gradient at any point on a curve.

Function Notation

Rule for the ORIGINAL graph

Derivative Notation

Rule for the GRADIENT of the original graph

Mouse over the boxes below to see examples
Substituting an x value into the derivative will tell us the gradient of the curve at that x value.
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