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Comparing Two Populations - Discussion

Inference HOME | Achievement Objectives | Overview | Statistical Cycle
- Write an introduction | Using NZgrapher | Discussing sample statistics
- Box plots | Discussing the boxplot & dotplot | Sampling methods | Sample variability and size
- Informal confidence interval | Comparing two populations - discussion
- Writing a report | Revision


How do we tell if the median of two populations are different?

Review of Confidence intervals

How we can use the confidence interval for the difference between the two population means (or medians) to draw a conclusion

Is zero contained in the confidence interval?
Are both limits of the confidence interval positive or negative? What does this tell us?

Worksheet and answers on 'What I notice about summary statistics'(link to mathstatsfacilitators website)

Worksheet and answers on 'What I notice about shift and overlap' (link to mathstatsfacilitators website)

Worksheet and answers on 'What I notice about spread (link to mathstatsfacilitators website)

You must make an inference, which will be a conclusion about the population medians based on their samples taken from the population.

Your conclusion will answer the posed investigative question and will involve making a call about the population medians.

The informal confidence intervals will be used to make an inference about the population medians.

Research Class notes, Blank notes


How can we answer our question:
I wonder if the median weight of males tends to be greater than the median weights of the females in the blah population?

If we sampled and got these results:  

What can we conclude?

How does Population A compare to Population B?


If the informal confidence intervals OVERLAP we CANNOT say that the population medians are different





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