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3.10 Inference HOME | Achievement Objectives | Overview | Statistical Cycle | Introduction & Research Question | Discussing Samples | Sample Variability | Sampling Methods | Informal Confidence Interval | Bootstrapping Confidence Interval | Comparing two populations | Using iNZight | Writing a report | Assessment Practice

Writing a Statistical Report


Practice reports

Review (work in progress)

Analyse the MEAN or MEDIAN - How do you decide?

The mean gives a smoother (more normal) distribution of the bootstrap re-samples.

The Median is not influenced by unusually large or small values.

So it the sample has some outlying values then use the MEDIAN, otherwise use the Mean.

Or do both because the analysis is easy in iNZight and compare the two - considering the influence of outliers.

Writing a Conclusion

The formal inference used to answer question with justification and links to context. Includes interpretation of the confidence interval. An understanding of sampling variability is also evident.

Also links the decision made to purpose. Findings clearly communicated and linked to population and context. Plus reflection on process or further explanations for findings.


Starter 10

Class notes,
Class site

Stats Learning Workbook Ex G pg 104-110

Exemplar, Data set | Elite Athletes, Conclusion

Car Crash Injury Practice:
Data set, csv Variable Info
Google Doc & Example Report


Assessment Checksheet
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