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3.10 Inference HOME | Achievement Objectives | Overview | Statistical Cycle | Introduction & Research Question | Discussing Samples | Sample Variability | Sampling Methods | Informal Confidence Interval | Bootstrapping Confidence Interval | Comparing two populations | Using iNZight | Writing a report | Assessment Practice

The Statistical cycle - what do I need to do?

Evidence of EACH element in the statistical cycle is required


"I wonder whether the median VO2 for a male athlete is higher than the median VO2 for a female athlete"

Research the context and justify the choice of variable(s) to investigate from the data set with respect to a clear purpose for the investigation.

'I think comparing VO2 max levels for male and female athletes will be useful because..."

The Statistics Cycle


What information will you need to answer the research question?

What variables are needed?

Using available data sets is recommended.

Link to census at school PPDAC page

Data displays

Produce dot plots and box & whisker plots of raw data


1) Describing and Comparing Sample Distributions:
- Initial Visual Interpretation
- Shape (Skew, Tail, symmetry)
- Centre
- Spread
- Shift/Overlap
- Unusual Features (outliers, gaps)

2) Bootstrap Confidence Interval
Produce and using the interval to make a formal inference about difference between the two summary stats.

Use technology such as EXCEL and iNZight


Correctly interprets inclusion of zero in difference of means confidence interval.

Use Randomisation to indicate how likely it would be to obtain the observed difference. Compare this with the bootstrap confidence interval.

Formal inference used to answer question with justification and links to context. Includes interpretation of the confidence interval.


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