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Comparing Two Population Groups


How do we tell if the median of two Groups are different?

Review Level 2 confidence intervals

How we can use the confidence interval for the difference between the two population means (or medians) to draw a conclusion

Is zero contained in the confidence interval?
Are both limits of the confidence interval positive or negative? What does this tell us?

Review maui/hectors dolphin data sets

Note: To Achieve you MUST include discussion of where zero lies and what this means in terms of the difference between the population medians (or means)

iNZight demonstration (iNZight page)

Starter 9

Class notes, Class notes
Class site

IAS 3.10 pg 40 - 44

Stats Learning Workbook Ex E p96-98

Exemplar, Data set | Elite Athletes, Bootstrap Discussion

Car Crash Injury Practice:
Data set, csv Variable Info
Google Doc & Example Report
Class notes

Video 1 | Video 2




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