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AS 3.11 Conduct an Experiment

Achievement Standard 3.11 Equation Solving is a 3 Credit Internally assessed topic


Randomly allocate to two groups

Treatment group vs non treatment group

Collect data from two groups eg exercise vs non exercise, what age did babies walk?

Compare medians. Observed difference of 'blah'

What if there is no effect? Assume random

Randomly pair up group and measurement, compare medians of two groups, plot dot plot of differences between medians of two groups

Open Inzite randomised tests

Import data (check set up correctly)

Set variables

Go to Analyse tab

Set median (or mean)
Data is a comparison of recorded medians for the two groups

Randomised distribution shows the distribution of the differences between the two groups if allocation is by chance alone

eg prob of 0.028 is unlikely

Focus on the plan

How are we going to randomise groups

How are we going to have random placebos

This will be the major issue.

How will we be able to ensure the only difference between the two groups is the treatment?

Do students have to design their own experiment? This will be hard

How do we get students to do this?


Conclusion The chance that the difference that we found that would occurr randomly is 0.028 which is unlikely.

We can rule out that chance is acting alone video






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