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Two-Way tables & Venn Diagrams


Two Way tables & Venn Diagrams (Introduction)

Venn DiagramsIntroduction to Venn Diagrams and understanding concepts of: Union, Intersection, Complement, Mutually exclusive, Independence

Interactive Venn diagrams (
Put numbers in venn diagram (

Great powerpoint from Fred DeMarco

Venn diagram mix & Match

John Venn
Born: Hull, England 1834
Died: Cambridge 1923

Venn’s most important work was in logic and probability. In his book Symbolic logic he
introduced his now famous Venn Diagram. This showed how a number of closed curves (circles)
could be used to represent sets with something in common.


Nice clear videos by Brandon Foltz.
Venn Diagram Basics
Venn Diagram Region Method

Class notes pdf
Class Handout (print version)
Class site

Two way tables
Sigma (old) Ex 6.03

Two way Table quiz 1 | quiz 2 | quiz 3

Statistics Glossary link to

Maths is fun venn diagrams (link)

Read p66, 94 - 97
Do p98 - 102

Activity (the basics of Venn diagrams)
Venn Diagram Shape Sorter interactive ( (3 circles)


Probability from recorded results

A witch's potion can have a range of contents and either it is successful or it explodes

The probability of:

1) a potion containing a frog

2) an exploding worm potion

3) a potion exploding

4) an exploding potion containing a slug

5) a worm potion being a success

Mouse-over key words

Potion information table

Khan Academy video on basic Venn Diagrams using playing cards


Khan Academy video: More comprehensive Venn Diagrams



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