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AS 3.2 Linear Programming

3.2 Linear Programming HOME | Achievement Criteria | Overview | Background Skills | Forming Inequalities | Optimisation | Practice | Moving Line Approach | Revision

Possible Lesson Sequence for AS 3.2 Linear Programming (AS 91574)

1. Achievement Criteria
2. Overview
3. Background skills: Sketching line graphs. Finding the point of intersection between two lines. Shading regions given several inequations
4. Forming Inequations from word problems
5. Optimising. Working through the steps - sketching, feasible region, intersections, testing to find maximum (or minimum)
6. Practice optimising
7. Moving line approach, and solutions that can occurr on a line
8. Revision (With links to Assignment Answers)
9. Assessment


For Teachers

* Be familiar with the Achievement Standard AS3.2 #91574 (link to NZQA)

* Check the latest information on the NZQA clarifications page as things change all the time, and the exemplars in NZQA may be out of date

* Look over the NZQA Exemplars on AS3.2 Linear Programming. Note: these exemplars may not reflect the latest information... but we can only hope. Link to NZQA Sample Exemplar A | Exemplar B (and question papers 3.2 A (Word, 138 KB) | 3.2 B (Word, 142 KB)

* Material available on the mathstatsfacilitators web site AS 3.2 page

* Check the latest comments on the NZmaths forum (login required)

* Any further ideas / suggestions / resources/ comments / errors. Please contact

* AS 3.2 section on Nayland Web site updated: Oct 2014


AS 3.2 'Apply linear programming methods in solving problems' is a 3 credit internally assessed topic AS 91574

Methods include a selection from those related to: linear inequalities, feasible regions, optimisation

To be used as evidence for the award of Achieved, a ‘method’ must be relevant to the solution of the problem and at the appropriate curriculum level.

At all levels there is a requirement relating to the communication of the solutions. ie Answer IN CONTEXT


Web links for more material on AS 3.2 Linear Programming (AS 91574)




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