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3.8 Time Series HOME | Achievement Objectives | Overview | The Statistics Cycle
NZ Grapher: The best choice | iNZight: Getting Started , Importing Data
Using EXCEL: Smoothing, Trend, Seasonal Effects, Graphing, Forecasts, Seasonal Adjustment, Non-Linear models, Comparing Excel & iNZight
Report Writing: Summary | Introduction | Trend | Decompose | Recompose | Seasonal Effect | Forecasts | Robustness | Additive vs Multiplicative model | Comparing | Combining | Conclusion | Practice Assessment

Introducing iNZight



Introduction to iNZight

iNZight is a free statistical software from Auckland University. It can be saved and run from a USB (no computer installation needed)

To use iNZight we:
Import data (more detail)
Graph the time series data with trend line,
Decompose the data into trend, seasonal & residual components
Recompose the data into trend + seasonal to establish data values above and below 'average
Graph Individual & Estimated Seasonal effects.
Make predictions of the next two cycles of data (with confidence intervals)

The focus is on DISCUSSING the analysis in context and incorporating all components of the statistical cycle

Link to iNZight site free download and videos on how to get started 

The iNZight tips page has information on ordering, removing, grouping, re-categorising, & exporting data, and creating variables)

An iNZight overview (Class notes) thanks to Robyn Headifen at Rangitoto College




Or another link if you tube is blocked a flash version


Ensure you have the latest version of iNZight downloaded

Run iNZight

Run iNZight

Nayland students - go to 'My Computer, S: maths, drop box, 2013, iNZight

Input Data

Find the 'Sea Ice' data set in the the 'time-series' folder

Input Data
Not sure how to Import Data?
Find out here...

REMEMBER: If you upload your own data it MUST be in a .csv file, with correct time and variable notation, no commas, no variable definitions etc

Tips on iNZight files and variables - link to doc by Rachel Passmore

If you want you can do normal box plot of our data. (if you want)

eg drag the Antarctica label into the 'Variable 1' box

Now for some time series analysis:

Click on:
Advanced, Time series

Check the variable for time.

Select a variable to analyse eg Antarctic

Plot the data (or animate it)


- Animation plots the data slowly so we can discuss the data as it is plotted (structure of time series emerges)

If you want to print the graph then copy to clipboard then paste into a word doc



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