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Year 9 Maths
The National Curriculum has been adapted and adjusted for Nayland College to suit the nature of students and prepare students for the new realigned standards at NCEA Level 1

Core Topics:
- Number (with measurement context)
- Probability
- Bivariate Statistics
- Algecbr: Patterns, Graphs, Equations & Simplifying

Students are assessed against levels of the NZ curriculum at level 2, 3, 4, & 5

Average Year 9 students usually work at Level 3/4

(Average Year 10 students usually work at Level 4/5)



How to study

Success hacks - 10 simple study ideas

Why to take notes (The basics) then... How to Take Notes in Class: The 5 Best Methods - Outline method (computer good), Cornell style (good for paper), Mind map (visual learners), Flow method (holistic learning)

Study Less Study Smart: A 6-Minute Summary | 8 Advanced Tips

10 Study Tips for Your Next Exam: Test prep ritual, brain dump, summary, quiz, simulation, exercise, time, organise day.
How to Study for Finals PLAN before you DO - How much time, what, order, priorities, intensity, actionable steps

Test Anxiety: How to Take On Your Exams Without Stress

When You Just CAN'T Motivate Yourself to Study

Resources & on-line help



Video Tutorials:
Just Math Tutorials
Knowmia Tutorials
Mathispower4u Tutorials

Basic facts practice: e-ako.nzmaths
Interactive tutorials,

Vi Hart ViHarts Youtube Chanel About VhVh
Numberphile About
What if?




Developed by the Legend Jake Willis specifically for NCEA maths. Runs on any device.

Excel Excel is one of the most widely used programs globally. Learn the basics.

Link to iNZight site iNZight free download and videos on how to get started This can be saved and run from a USB (no computer installation needed) Videos and 'getting started' available from iNZight web site.
iNZight tips and tricks page


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