Junior Number Achievement Objectives

NO1: Explain the meaning of and solve negative numbers

NO2: Demonstrate knowledge of the conventions for order of operations (BEDMAS)

NO3 Make sensible estimates using rounding

NO4 Explain satisfactory algorithms for addition, subtraction and multiplication

NO5 Classify factors by multiples and factors, including primes

NO6 Find fractions equivalent to one given

NO7 Convert between fractions, decimals and percentages

NO8 Find a given fraction or percentage of a quantity

NO9 Write and solve story problems which involve whole numbers and which require a choice of one or more of the four arithmetic operations

NO10 Add and subtract fractions

NO11 Express the value of square roots in approximate and exact forms

NO12 Explain the meaning and solve powers of whole numbers

NO13 Write and solve problems involving decimal multiplication and division

NO14 Increase and decrease quantities by percentages

NO15 Convert numbers expressed in standard form to ordinary form and vice versa

NO16 Share quantities in different ratios

NO17 Multiply and divide fractions