Year 9

Our Year 9 course is focused on building foundational skills. We recognise and believe that all students can learn mathematics to a high level.

During Term 1, we start with a Ko Wai Tatou unit that explores ideas around Growth Mindset, the value of mistakes in learning, mathematical discourse and group work. A large part of this exploration is backed by the research of Dr Jo Boaler, among others. Part of our work with the Ko Wai Tatou unit will cover Number, Measurement and Geometry.

During Term 2, we continue to work with Number and Algebra. Positive messages from Term 1 continue to be reinforced.

Term 3 begins with some additional work with Number (and links to Algebra) while shifting to focus more on Statistics and Probability.

Term 4 again starts with additional work in Number (again linking to Algebra) before returning to Measurement and Geometry.

Year 10

Our Year 10 course is focused on preparing students for NCEA while we continue to build on the foundational work from Year 9.

During Term 1, we start with Number (with links to Algebra) before moving on to Geometry.

Term 2 again starts with Number (again with links to Algebra). We then move to Chance and data where we explore Probability and Statistics.

Term 3 begins with some additional work with Number and then shifts to Algebra, with a focus on understanding through visualisations.

Term 4 starts with Number (again linking to Algebra) moving to Measurement.